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Roof Deck: Its 7 Types And Replacement Process.

Roof Deck: Its 7 Types And Replacement Process.

Yesterday a couple walked into our office wanting a roof replacement. When I asked them which type of decking, they wanted, both were baffled and had no clue that there were types of decking.

That’s when I thought about writing a blog about the various types of roof decking.

Generally, there are two types of wooden roof decking: Plank Decking and Sheet decking. However, the types of metal decking include A Deck, N Deck, B Deck, F Deck, and 1′′ Roof Deck.

In this article, we will explore each of these decking types in detail and learn more about your decking.

What Are The Types Of Roof Decks? 

There are primarily two types of roof decks, Plank decking and sheet decking. Both are wooden decking styles. We have explored each one in detail below.

Plank Decking

Before the introduction of plywood, the most popular type of decking was plank decking. This decking comprises rectangular and elongated hardwood planks that come in two sizes: 1×8 and 1×6.

Plank decking is often used when the decking is intended as an architectural element. Or to prevent fire hazards.

Plank decking is typically used in mass wood or post-and-beam constructions. It is suitable for any climate. However, if you experience heavy rains or snow it’s important to schedule regular maintenance to get the most out of this decking.

Sheet Decking

Sheet decking is simply flat sheets of wood. Sheet decking comes in two varieties: Plywood and OSB.

It is popularly known as sheathing. The ribs, embossment, and ability to quickly bond with the concrete slab and become a part of the structure, make the decking sheet an effective and durable decking solution.

Furthermore, sheet decking may help you save money on various charges, including a huge reduction in the amount of concrete required.

Types Of Metal Decking

The world of decking is not just limited to wooden decking. Below are some common types of metal decks explained.

Depending on the structural requirements, roof decks are manufactured in several widths, depths, and gauges.

A Deck, N Deck, B Deck, F Deck, and 1′′ Roof Deck are the most popular varieties of roof decks.

A Deck

A Deck is the earliest form of the metal roof deck. However, it is no longer used as it has a low strength-to-weight ratio compared to other roof decks.

B Deck

B Deck, also known as BW-36, BI, BV, Broad Rib, 1.5B, or BIV, is a 1.5-inch-deep metal deck with a wide rib. It is the latest and most popular kind of metal roof decking.

F Deck

The F Deck is 1.5-inch-deep as well. It is also called the Intermediate Rob, F-36, and 1.5F.

It is a metal deck with a rib size that falls between B Deck and A Deck. Its distinctive rib size aids in board insulation installation. As it is less prone to breakage due to foot traffic during and after installation.

N Deck

N Deck has a long span and a depth of 3 inches. They are also known as 3N and Deep Rib. It is lightweight and simple to install. Making it a good option for commercial and industrial construction projects.

Roof Deck 1″

With 1-inch-deep ribs, 1′′ Roof Deck is a strong roof decking. Its applications are comparable to those of N Deck. However, it is best suited for short to medium-span applications instead of large-span support.

When Should You Replace Your Roof Deck?

Replacing a roof deck is not just expensive but also time-consuming. Therefore, it’s necessary to know the proper signs when your decking needs replacing.

Below are a few common reasons that indicate a decking replacement is due.

Increasing Electricity Bill

Roof decking has some insulating properties. So, it could be considered a part of the insulation system of your home. As each roofing product has a certain R-value. Therefore, the R-value of the decking is added while calculating the total R-value needed.

If you observe a sudden hike in electricity bills. Chances are that your insulation is compromised. If you have wooden or metal roof decking, chances are it may be compromised by water.

In such cases, it’s best to replace the damaged decking.

Lack of Proper Roof Ventilation

Your roof needs to breathe and proper ventilation enables that. If your roofing system has improper or faulty ventilation. Then moisture and condensation may get trapped inside the roofing layers leaking to mold growth, wood swelling, fungi, etc.

This may damage not only you’re decking but also your entire roofing system.

You Intend to Sell Your House

While selling your home, the condition of your roofing system greatly determines its value. If any part of your roofing system, which includes the decking needs repairs or replacement. It may decrease the overall selling price of your home.

It’s always wise to sell the house in top-notch condition. Hence you may have to replace the roof decking or perhaps the entire roof before selling it. To get the best possible offer.

Your Roof is More Than 20 Years Old

As the roofing system ages, it starts deteriorating. The life span of a normal roofing system is anywhere between 15 to 25 years.

If your roof has protected your home for more than two decades. It’s okay to say that it’s served its time well and you need to replace it.

That’s because weathering takes a toll on the roofing system and it’s better to get a new roof before the old one crumbles.

Mold or Algae has Grown on Your Roof

Mold and algae infestations if not treated in time destroy the entire roofing system. If your roof has been infested with any type of mold or fungus. Chances are it has destroyed the inner layers of your roofing too including the decking.

In such as situation instead of just replacing the topmost layer, replace the layers beneath too.


Water that enters through gaps and cracks, manifests itself in the form of leaks in the ceiling. If your spot such leaks anywhere in your home, be it the attic, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. It’s a clear sign that your roofing layers have been damaged by water.

If the leakage is extreme, you may have to replace your roof decking.

Is Roof Decking the Same as Roof Sheathing?

Yes! Roof sheathing is synonymous with roof decking, so many-a-times these two terms are used interchangeably. It depends upon the contractor you hired.

However, roof sheeting generally refers to sheet decking. While roof decking comprises all types of decks. It’s a common term used for decking.

What Is The Cost Of Roof Decking In North America?

The average cost of roof decking in North America is between $25 to $50. However, this cost could increase or decrease depending on the materials you choose.

Remember the quality of materials you use determines the longevity of the roof decking.


I hope this article has helped you understand the various types of decking available in the market. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us by commenting below.

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