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7 Things To Expect When Roof Leak-Stop Arrives At Your Doorstep? | leak Repair

7 Things To Expect When Roof Leak-Stop Team Arrives At Your Doorstep?

As professional roofers and homeowners, our roof Leak-Stop team understands how frustrating a leaky roof could be. No matter which part of the roof is leaking, there is always a possibility of water damage. Therefore, it’s essential to know what to do in such a situation. And what to expect out of our water damage restoration service.

Once you give us a call, our team will let you know the immediate call of action. To protect you and your belongings. We also specify an estimated time of our arrival. Next, we investigate the leak and offer a possible solution to it. Once your leak is fixed, we make sure to follow up and check on your roof from time to time.

This step-by-step approach will help you get back to normal in an efficient, quick and safe manner. Plus, our leak repair service combined with our roof inspection report. Will keep you aware of your roof’s condition and ahead of any possible roofing issues.

Roof Leak-Stop’s Leak Repair And Water Damage Restoration Service Explained. 

Step One: The Call To Roof Leak-Stop

When you spot a leak on your roof, on your ceiling or in your attic. All you have to do is give us a call at 778- 650- 2760. Our team member will ask you to elaborate on your current situation.

You may be asked questions like:

  1. How much water is coming in?
  2. What type of building do you live in/ your business is in?
  3. What type of roofing system do you have?
  4. Can you access your attic? If yes, then have you cleared the access area to your attic space? As we may need to enter it.

These questions will help us know your situation better and prepare for the leak repair.

Step Two: The Response From Our Team

Now that we know your roof’s condition, we will let you know an estimated time of arrival. We often dispatch a part of our team or a Red Seal Journeyman, to your property as soon as we can.

If it’s an emergency you may also get to speak to the Red Seal Journeyman on his way to you. In certain cases, we also offer certain instructions to manage the situation until we arrive.

Step Three: The Arrival If Roof Leak-Stop At Your Door Step

After we arrive, we make sure to enter your home/business with the utmost care and treat it with the respect it deserves.

Then we proceed with the leak tracking process. Depending upon the structure of your building, we will access the areas we need. In order to trace the leak with our tools. We always come with fully equipped Vans. There are not too many heights we can’t reach

Step Four: The Investigation (Roof Leak-stop team)

This process is time-consuming, as tracking the leak may take as little or as much time as needed. Our team members will conduct the entire process thoroughly and patiently until the source of the leak is discovered.

In this process, we display our years of experience and leak tracing knowledge. Our entire crew is trained to handle various materials such as concrete, steel, wood substrates, etc.

There are many possible failure points on a roof deck surface. Our team inspects all these areas in search of the origin of the leak.

Step Five: The Solution By Roof Leak-Stop Team

We’ve found it! Now that our crew has found the cause of the leak and documented the entire process. Our next step is to implement a solution.

Depending upon your availability, budget, the weather, etc. We decide if we need to apply a temporary or permanent solution. We may have to revisit you to complete the process.

If we find a much larger issue with your roofing system. You will receive a documented quote that covers the details of the entire repair process and its cost. This document easily explains the issue with the help of photos.

Step Six: The Follow-Up Call From Roof Leak-stop

Our responsibility does not end once the leak and the water damage are dealt with. Whether you have opted for a temporary or permanent solution. You will receive a call from our representative inquiring about the situation.

We perhaps may schedule a call for a further work appointment depending on the cooperation of the weather and your convenience.

Step Seven: The Restoration

Now that all the necessary repairs are done. We are sure your roof looks better than before. However, if you wish for your roof to last longer, annual or bi-annual maintenance is required. Our representatives will inform you of our other roofing services, that may help you get the most out of your roofing investment.


Roof Leak-Stop is a one-stop destination to meet your roofing-related requirements. We offer roof repair, replacement, maintenance, and inspection services all over GVRD (Greater Vancouver Regional District).

We offer a free inspection to first-time clients. Connect with us TODAY at 1 866 777 0084 for immediate assistance!


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