My Roof Leaks And The Water Flows Toward The Windows When It Rains. This Was Found By Me During An Inspection. Is It Just A Leak Or Is There An Underlying Problem?

roof puncture

Yes! This appears to be a roof puncture. The best way to deal with it is to replace the shingle.

If you can’t, then lift the shingle slowly with a flat pry bar. Make sure not to tear it. Remove the object that caused the puncture.

Then grab a sheet metal shim 3″x5″ roughly. Place mastic/ tar on the underside and top side of the shingle. Press down until you see the mastic push through. The mastic will act like an adhesive and keep the shingle in place.

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Derek Lindsay

Derek has been a part of the Roofing Industry for 20+ years. His experience in the field enables him to write insightful and informative content on Roofing and everything related to Roofing.