How to Check if Your TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap is Installed Correctly

tpo pitch pocket

If you’re not sure whether your TPO pitch pocket wrap is installed correctly, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many people have trouble with this particular installation, but fortunately, it’s not too difficult to fix. Here are a few tips to help you get it right.


Yes! The TPO pitch pocket wrap is almost correct. However, the insulating foam around the wiring should be cut back to a smoother surface for adhesion. Also, the pitch pocket filler should be correctly filled to the point of overflowing the rim of the pocket.

The Importance of a TPO:


1. Why is a TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap important?

A TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap is an important tool for any roofing contractor because it provides protection against wind and water damage. It also helps to keep the roofing materials in place, preventing them from being blown away or washed away by heavy rains.

2. How do you know if your TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap is installed correctly?

Here are three easy ways to know if your TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap is installed correctly:

1. There should be an even layer of adhesive around the entire pocket.

2. The adhesive should be firmly bonded to both the pocket and the TPO membrane.

3. There should be no gaps or air pockets between the pocket and the membrane.

If you’re unsure whether your TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap is installed correctly, please contact a professional installer for assistance.


3. What are the benefits of a correctly installed TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap?

A correctly installed TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap provides many benefits, including:

1. Increased energy efficiency: By sealing the gap between the edge of the roofing membrane and the edge of the TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap, heat loss is minimized. This results in improved energy efficiency and lower energy bills.

2. Reduced noise: The TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap acts as a barrier to noise, reducing the amount of noise that enters the building. This is particularly beneficial for businesses located near airports or other noisy areas.

3. Improved durability: The TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap protects the edge of the roofing membrane from weather damage, extending the life of the roof.

4. Enhanced aesthetics: The TPO Pitch Pocket Wrap gives the edge of the roof a clean, finished look.



Roof waterproofing is an essential process for the flat roofing system. I hope this article answers all your questions about the process.

However, it’s best to outsource the entire process to a professional roofing contractor. Who can carry it out from start to end and offer you the peace of mind you deserve.

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