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Why Do Property Managers Need A “Reliable Go-To” Roofing Company?

Why Are “Reliable Go-To” Roofers A Must For Property Managers?

Property managers have a lot going on a day-to-day basis. Their plate is always full of responsibilities such as finding and screening prospective tenants, managing complaints, handling tenant move-ins and outs, eviction, etc.

Amidst these responsibilities they also have to make sure that their properties are in optimum condition. To do this they need to have a trusted list of resources for maintenance issues. That includes roofing as well.

Having a “Go-To” Roofing company may help property managers with common roofing issues like roof repairs, replacements, evaluation/ inspection and regular maintenance, from time to time.

In this article, I will explain, some of the common roofing services every property managers/owners needs. Along with the signs of a good roofer. And some pointers for property managers to pick their roofing partners.

What Are The Most Requested Roofing Services You May Need To Maintain Your Properties?

1. Roof Evaluations /Inspection.

The primary job of property managers is to acquire new properties. However, while purchasing a new property, it’s important to know in what shape the roof is.

Questions like; Whether the roof needs replacement? Does it still have a valid warranty? How long will it last before it needs complete replacement? And many more need to be answered.

With quality information, property managers can determine the cost of the property along with any necessary updates prior to purchase.

Having a reliable roofing service can smoothen the entire process and offer honest feedback on the condition of the roofs. This information can be further shared with the owners to proceed with the property acquisition process.

2. Roof Repairs

Regular repair help to prolong the lifespan of the roof. A well-functional roof is always a blessing. However, as time passes roofing issues are bound to happen. Regular inspections help in detecting these issues.

Moreover, the sooner these issues are addressed, the lesser the chance of them developing into a significant roofing problem.

Leaks, Clogged Gutters, Missing or Loose Shingles, Fallen Debris, Water Ponding, etc and some of the issues that must be repaired immediately. Having a roofing company to attend to the roofs at all times is a great advantage to property managers.

3. Roof Replacements

Sometimes property managers need a full roof replacement for some of their properties. This process can be challenging to handle. Especially while keeping their business on track during the replacement process.

A reliable roofer not only completes the work in pre-decided time but also provides regular updates. And makes sure the replacement takes place with hardly any resistance to the business.

4. Roof Maintenance

For the longevity of any roof regular maintenance is the key. Maintenance also helps in getting the most out of your roofing warranty.

Some of the common tasks included in roofing maintenance are Debris Removal, Minor Repairs, Cleaning Gutters and Vegetation Control.

To know more about Roof maintenance CLICK HERE!

Signs of a Good Roofing Company (Property Managers Needs to Keep in mind)

A Good Roofing Company will prioritize customer satisfaction above all.


While handling complex projects like roof replacement or major repairs a good roofing company will adhere to all industry-mandated safety compliance requirements.


Cleanliness is the direct reflection of a roofing company’s professionalism. The roofing team that leaves that treats your property with respect will clean after themselves once the roofing work is done.

Mitigate operational disruptions.

A good roofing company will work around the property manager’s schedule, to make sure there is no downtime in his or her business.

Their work will not slow down the pace of the property manager’s work. Rather complete all the projects before the due deadlines.

Documentation (tracking & reporting).

Right from the roof inspection to the project completion, a reliable roofing company delivers detailed and timely progress reports from time to time throughout the roofing process.

These updates can be in the form of photographs, reports or any other form.

What to look for while hiring a Roofing Company as Property Managers?

With the market full of Roofing Service providers it’s tough to pick the right one that caters to all the needs of a property manager.

Below are some starting points to look into while choosing your roofing contractor.

Check for their License and Insurance.

The first thing to check while hiring a roofing contractor is their license and insurance coverage. Hiring an unlicensed contractor can cause problems down the line, and leave property managers in tricky situations.

Moreover, if the contractor does not have liability coverage, it may cause a headache if a worker is hurt on the job site.

Ask about their Experience.

Property Managers look after a variety of properties. Which may include commercial buildings, apartment complexes, condos, homes, and industrial property.

Many roofers are comfortable working on residential homes and other small projects. However, are they well experienced and equipped to handle large commercial and industrial projects?

Also, it’s important to know which roofing materials they use and are most comfortable with. This will help the roofing contractors pick a better roofing company.

Know the Contract Details.

Legal detailing is of paramount importance in large projects. Therefore, having a trustworthy roofing contractor becomes so important.

Property managers must check and re-check the contract, study the processes that will be performed and inspect the itemized list of expenses, before signing the dotted line.

A good roofing contractor makes this process easy for the property manager.

Consider Future Maintenance.

A roofing contractor is not just needed to tackle current projects, but also for any future maintenance needs and repairs. A roofing contractor that offers emergency services and who is quick to answer a call is ideal.

Property managers need to partner with a roofing contractor who is willing to support them in the long run.


I hope this article has shed enough light on the kind of relationship and services a property manager can expect from a roofing company If you have any further questions, you can leave a comment or email us anytime. Our team is more than willing to answer your questions.

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