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Rooftop Solar Panels: 9+ Questions You Need To Ask Before Installation.

Rooftop Solar Panels: 9+ Questions You Need To Ask Before Installation.

With climate change being at the forefront for decades now, it’s time we change our old ways and switch to clean energy as well. And what is better than installing rooftop solar panels? So if you are planning to install rooftop solar panels too, you might what to go through the checklist below to make sure you do it right.

The most important things to keep in mind while installing rooftop solar panels are; their weight, the size of the roof, how much you save on energy, maintenance and repairs, warranties and picking the right panel.

In this article, we will discuss the above-mentioned points along with a few more in great detail. This article will help you to decide whether getting a rooftop solar panel is really worth it for you.

Does Your Receive an Adequate Amount Of Sunlight To Install Rooftop Solar Panels?

Before you dive into the questions below, you must check if your roof receives sunlight enough to generate electricity for your home.

If your roof does not have the needed solar window. It’s pointless to proceed with the Rooftop Solar Panels, as they would never generate enough energy to power your household.

Will Your Roof Bear The Additional Weight?

One of the first things to consider while installing rooftop solar panels is whether your roof can handle the additional weight of the panels as well as the mounting hardware and other equipment or not.

It’s important to have a professional inspect your roof to determine if it can support the panels. This will depend on the type of roof you have, such as tile, metal, or asphalt shingle, and its structural integrity.

It is essential to ensure that the roof can withstand the weight of the solar panels to prevent any potential damage or collapse.

Is Your Roof Big Enough?

Rooftop solar panels need a certain amount of space to function efficiently. So, make sure you have enough room for the panels up there.

It’s essential to measure the size of the roof and determine the area available for solar panels. The space needed for solar panels will depend on the amount of power you want to generate.

Therefore, it’s crucial to know that you have enough space for the required number of panels.

How Is The Drainage System Designed?

When it rains or snows the water runs down the roof into the gutters and is disposed of your roof.

However, installing solar panels means a lot of equipment and wires running across your roof. This may hinder the water flow and in the worst cases even redirect the stream where it’s not supposed to go. Leading to leaks and water damage.

It’s necessary to have a functioning drainage system that works well even with the solar panels and the wiring present. Your previous drainage system may not be equipped to handle the water flow after the installation of the rooftop solar panels.

Therefore, it is necessary to address this issue with your contractor, and figure out a way around it.

How To Handle Weather Hazards?

It’s no news that your rooftop solar panels will be exposed to the elements. So, it’s important to discuss how they will handle extreme weather conditions.  Be it high winds, heavy rain, or snow it will eventually lead to wear and tear.

That’s why it’s essential to choose solar panels that are rated for your region’s weather conditions.

Moreover, you can make sure that your contractor secures the panels to your roof properly. This may include using additional mounting hardware or reinforcing the existing structure of the roof.

However, nothing is better than insurance to make sure your rooftop solar panels are hundred percent covered.

How Much Money Will You Manage To Save?

Will installing rooftop solar panels really cut the electricity cost that much? A professional energy assessment is an appropriate answer to this question. As it can help you determine how much power your home uses and how much solar power you’ll need to offset your energy costs.

It’s essential to understand the amount of power you can generate and the cost savings that come with it. This will help you determine the size and number of panels required for your specific needs. Also, equating the long-term dividend.

What About Connecting Solar Panels to the Grid?

Well, the work is not over with the end of the installation. Rather it’s just begun! Your rooftop solar panels need to connect to the grid to actually provide power to your house.

However, it’s not as easy as it seems. For example, different states in the United States have different connection requirements. So, to make things easy check in with your local utility company to ensure your panels are connected properly.

This may involve additional permits or inspections, and it’s important to understand the process and the costs associated with it.

What about Maintenance and Repair?

Solar panels require regular maintenance to ensure they continue to function properly. Ask your contractor about maintenance and repairs beforehand.

This may include regular anything from minor cleaning and inspections up to major repairs.  As it’s important to integrate these costs into your budget.

Have You Picked The Right Solar Panels?

You need to know that not all solar panels are created equal!

With that said, you must do your research before investing in solar panels. Reading this article may be a part of your research. However, your research must span beyond this. You need to know the different types of rooftop solar panels available in the market and have a brief idea of which might be suitable for your house. Plus, choose panels that are efficient. This will guarantee performance and better returns.

Did You Get Any Warranties?

When installing solar panels, it’s important to ask about warranties. Warranties are much like insurance as they will protect you in case of any defects or problems with the panels.

However, understand the terms and conditions of the warranty precisely.

Pay special attention to the period of the warranties and what is covered. Some warranties may only cover certain parts of the panels, while others may cover the entire system.

Therefore, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the warranty before making your final decision.

Have You Picked The Right Contractor?

It’s important to choose a contractor who is experienced in installing solar panels. Check their references and credentials before hiring.

Look for a contractor who has experience with the type of panels you’re interested in and who is familiar with the regulations and requirements in your area.

It’s also important to get a contractor who is licensed and insured to protect yourself and your property.

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Does Your Insurance Cover Solar Panels?

It’s important to check if your home insurance or roof insurance covers the installation of rooftop solar panels or not.

As different insurance providers have different policies. Mostly, the installation cost is not covered however, you need to check with your provider anyways.

However, some insurance policies may or may not cover damage to solar panels or demand an extra premium.

If not, you may need to purchase additional coverage to protect your investment.


We hope this article has offered you enough information to help you decide about installing rooftop solar panels. If you have additional questions which are not addressed in the article feel free to use the comment section.

Also, if you need a reliable roofer to help you with your solar panels or any other roofing issue we got you covered. Contact us Anytime!

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