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3 Common Types Of Snow Guards You Should Know About.

3 Common Types Of Snow Guards You Should Know About.

Did you know one of the top reasons for roof replacement is snow? When snow accumulates on the roof for a prolonged period it causes damage to the roofing system. Installing snow guards is an easy and effective solution to this issue.

There are 3 main types of snow guards; snow bars, snow fences and pad-styled snow guards.

In this article, we will understand each of these types in great detail. Plus, we will also look into the importance and benefits of installing snow guards on your roof.

What is A Snow Guards?

A snow guard is installed on your rooftop to prevent the sudden release of snow. Hence, it is also called a snow brake or snow retention system.

In simple words, snow guards add friction between the roof and the snow. This stops the snow from falling all at once, preventing a roof avalanche. The friction also causes the ice to melt and flow off the roof in small amounts.

These snow guards are placed on the flat part of your roof panels. These snow guards are known to be 1.5″ to 3″ tall. The number of such snow guards placed on your roof depends on the area of your roof. Generally, one row of snow guards is enough to do the task.

Why Do I Need To Install Roof Snow Guards?

If you live in a place with ample snowfall, installing snow guards on your roof is a must! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you need them.

Personal Safety

Accumulated snow can add extreme weight to your roof. This can damage shingles, and cause leaks and other roofing issues, ultimately leading to a complete roof replacement.

It’s tough to repair or replace a roof during winter. Forcing you to live under a compromised roof.

Snow guards help the snow to melt off eventually. And prevents it from accumulating on the roof reducing unnecessary weight.

Protects The Roof And Surrounding Area

A roof avalanche can be dangerous if someone is in range of it. Not only does the weight of the snow harm people. But it also can affect your gutter system, landscape, nearby vehicles and the fencing.

Moreover, it can injure or kill pedestrians. It is a legal offence if a fatality occurs due to a snow avalanche as a result of your negligence.

So, to protect not just you and your family but everyone who may come near the offshoots of your roof install snow guards.

Low Roof Maintenance

Snow guards get rid of the snow on your behalf. Saving you the effort of cleaning the roof after every snowstorm. As mentioned above, snow guards melt snow in small amounts. This prevents any damage caused during raking the snow.

Remember to never install snow guards that are made up of corrosive material as they may deteriorate with time.

Get The Most Out Of Your Roofing System

Snow guards are comparatively cheap and reliable. They are highly durable, which adds to the life span of your roof. Helping you to get the most out of your roofing investment.

3 Main Types of Snow Guards

There are several types of snow guards available in the market. To pick the one that is best for your roof, you first need to know all the types in detail.

Snow Bars

Snow bars consist of long rectangular bars made up of metal. These bars are placed in a parallel manner alongside each other with one single bar placed horizontally on top to stop the snow from falling.

They are attached to the roof with the help of brackets to hold them right in place. These types of snow guards are aesthetically appealing in appearance as they add a clean look to your roof.

Snow bars should be placed above the entrances of the house so that they can prevent the snow from falling directly on someone and causing any injury.

Snow Fences

A snow fence is a vertical tube that acts as a fence to barricade the snow from falling. They are firmly attached to the roof without any kind of penetration. They are less appealing to the eyes compared to snow bars.

snow guards

The number of snow fences required on your roof depends on the slope of your roof, the area of your roof and roofing materials. The pattern in which these fences will be placed is determined by a professional using some ASCE calculations.

Snow fences are usually made up of galvanized steel, brass or aluminum. They are best for standing seam roofs.

Pad Style Snow Guards

Pad-style snow guards are traditional snow guards that are usually ‘fish head’ shaped. If you have a slate roof then these snow guards are the best option for you. Not only are they cost-effective and durable, but also good to look at.

snow guards

Pad-style snow guards come in a few other shapes as well. You can pick the one for you based on your roof type.

Cost Of Snow Guards?

Snow guards are a must to protect your roof from harsh winters and catastrophes that may occur due to snowstorms. Snow guards usually cost around $3- $100. This depends on how many guards you need based on your roof’s area. If you have a lower budget then you can install plastic brackets to solve the problem as well. However, traditional snow guards are much more effective.


We hope this article has given you all the necessary knowledge you need about snow guards. If you have any more questions, comment below in the comment section. We will get back to you. Moreover, if you need someone to install or repair your snow guards call anytime!

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